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Directors Monthly Report

I respect that people do not often have the time to watch all the Board Meetings each month as they do involve several hours, and I do attend meetings that most residents in Area D are not aware of. In an effort to promote greater transparency with the happenings at the Board Level, I will be posting a Director Report on a monthly basis's. In addition I will be posting a link on the Directors Facebook Page linking back to these Directors Reports. I am always happy hear any concerns from Residents about these reports and I am always happy to provide further clarifications as needed.

You can email me


Directors Report Year Review Nov 2023


That's right a year has gone by already since taking office.


Here is what has been accomplished in this past year.


  • My number one goal is “ Transparency and Accountability “ to the community and to respond to everyone who contacts me in a timely manner. I hope that I have delivered on that goal.


  • A new 2023 Official Community Plan is getting closer to completion.

    SRD staff have worked hard on this to ensure the community residents visions and desires are very well captured in this critical planning document.

    On Dec 6th there will be one more “Open House” and I am hoping that the community will show up for this very important Public Engagement event.


  • A Grant for 2.8 Million was obtained to install free water meters to all those that are connected to the Campbell River Water System.

    And yes at the Board Meeting of Nov 8th the Board did agree to authorize that those who did install meters at their cost would receive a reimbursement for their costs.


  • New Advisory Panel Committee. Starting with the creation of a new Bylaw to ensure that the process to advertise and select committee members is transparent and without a Directors influence this new panel had its orientation meeting last week.

    I am thrilled with the mix of applicants and I suspect that since each of the members brings a variety of views to the table that when they do create resolutions on Land Use, Development Applications that those resolutions will have different perspectives.


  • Strathcona Gardens New Pool and Building upgrades.

    I supported that vote as I believed it was the right decision to make.

    This complex is vitally important to the Regional District as a whole and unfortunately all meaningful upgrades and repairs have been on hold for the past decade while previous Decision Makers tried to finds Grants to offset construction costs.

    Yes as newly elected to vote on a $64 million project was difficult I did not make that decision lightly.

    This project will kick off in 2024 and I am confident that this new construction will serve all the communities in the Regional District and help all our communities with a much needed updated modern pool complex and rather substantial building updates to meet the growing interest in Sports and Recreation.


  • Regional Housing Service.

    I brought this idea to the Regional Board early this year and I am thrilled to see that while it was given a rough go by some Electoral Area Directors it was very well supported by the Regional Directors.

    It is now going through the APP process. This service will focus on work force housing, housing for seniors, and being able to work with non-profits. It also allows Area D to apply for Government Grants under the Housing Accelerated Funding program.

    This service does aim to be cost neutral and to not burden to tax payers with extra taxes.


  • New Development Applications.

    Yes, finally Area D is seeing new some new Development Applications and the potential for some growth.

    While there are those in the community who do not welcome this change, there are many drivers at play. Our Regional District is facing a housing crunch in many communities and Electoral areas.


  • One of my campaign items was to look at existing bylaws and to make changes if warranted.

    While the bylaw amendment process is time consuming the following bylaws have been amended or created

    1. Keeping Chickens or Ducks on properties less then one acre was changed. All properties less then one acre can have either 4 chickens or ducks or a mix to equal 4. There are many properties in Area D that are smaller lots.
    2. Low Occupany Farm Use Buildings - the requirement for a building permit and engineering reports have been removed giving our Farmers the ability to add low occupany structures as needed without local government red tape. This allows our farmers to have the same advantage as the farmers in the Comox Valley and are on ALR lands.
    3. Bylaw to prevent a property owner on a well to bottle water for resale. This bylaw was brought forward due to the fact that the Comox Valley has had that very problem.
    4. Advisory Panel Committee Bylaw. For years this very important committee was hand picked and there was no transparency into how members were even obtained. Having this bylaw does make this process accountable and transparent.


  • Outstanding parks projects and upgrades some which were waiting almost a decade have now been completed or will be completed in 2024.

    Sufficient budgets have been allocated for all these projects and upgrades.

    Thank you to the SRD staff who have worked hard this past year on Area D Parks projects.


  • There has been progress this year with establishing a relationship with Ministry of Transportation and through constructive dialogue Area D has seen improvements and commitments which come at no cost such as

    1. Culvert Replacements at Henry Rd.

    2. More pothole repairs through the community

    3. Commitment to launch a “Traffic Study” for Highway 19A which will commence in 2024.

    4. Commitment to install 4 new Bus Shelters by March 2024 on various bus stops on Highway 19A.

    5. Commitment to road repair and improvements to the Transit Exchange on Glenmore Rd for 2024.


I would like to stress that a great deal of credit needs to go back to the hard working SRD staff who are there to help all the Directors achieve their goals.

Directors Report Oct 2023


Oct has been a busy month.


The last Board meeting was held at Walter Cover Resort. Walter Cove Resort is located on the NW side of Vancouver Island in Kyuquot Sound.


This provided an outstanding opportunity for the Strathcona Regional District Directors to learn more about the Ka:’yu:’k’t’h’/Che:k’les7et’h’ First Nations and the challenges they are overcoming and to witness first hand the knowledge they bring to the Strathcona Regional District Board table as we all work together to the enhance the Strathcona Regional District as a whole.


It was a valuable learning experience.


Animal Control Services


As some may be aware that there was a very serious episode where one of Area D’s long time resident who is known for her generosity and the tireless work that she does for humanitarian causes was seriously injured along with her dog who required emergency surgery in Nanaimo.


I would like to thank those residents that stepped up to help and made the time in their day to make a difference.


Your efforts were very much appreciated.


I am confident that the SRD staff will follow through with this matter with all involved parties.


It is important for all residents to feel safe on our streets and to enjoy walking their pets without fear.


Development Applications


With three public hearings now completed and a forth hearing to be held on Nov 2 2023 I am happy to say that two of those Development Applications have been approved and the third application is still with the Board.


On Nov 8th at the Regional Board meeting the Craig Rd Development Application will have a further review by Directors.


I would like to stress that approval of these Development Applications thus far have solely been based on the desires of the community, and the support that the community has shown for each Development Application by submitting written responses and attending public hearings.


While its easy to post misleading and inaccurate information on social media I think anyone who takes the time to actually read the public record documents, take the time to view the recorded public meeting will see that each decision that has been made regarding Development Applications is because that is the majority desire of the community that took the time to become involved and show interest in their community.


Black Creek Oyster River Water Services


On Nov 14th at the Oyster River Firehall starting at 5:00pm, the Black Creek Oyster Bay Services are holding an open house to present on the Capital Replacement plan for the BCOB Water Service.


Both myself and Director Grieve will be there.


This is your opportunity to become informed and ask your questions. As the BCOB water infrastructure is aging and will need replacement this early planning is critical to ensuring that water services continue without issue and that the rate payers are kept informed.


Hope to see some Area D residents at this important open house.

Directors Report Sept 2023


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


I would like to acknowledge National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Sept 30th 2023. I have enjoyed working with First Nations Partners over this past year and I look forward to continuing to strengthen this partnership in our community.


Official Community Plan ( OCP) Public Engagement


On Oct 5th 2023 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Oyster Bay Resort it is your opportunity to review the current draft of the Official Community Plan ( OCP ) based on the latest survey conducted earlier this year and to suggest any further edits before this draft OCP is brought to the Board of Directors for final approval.


I cannot stress how important it is for the residents of Area D to take the time on Oct 5th to ensure that their voice is heard.


The Official Community Plan is a critical document that provides the “Framework to Make Decisions” on all “ Land Use” and “Development Applications” for the next decade and beyond.


New Development Applications


In the past few months there have been four development proposals brought forward in Area D. Three have been to public hearings and are waiting for final decisions by the Board of Directors and the forth is still waiting for a public hearing date.


I have heard and read lots of comments on each of these development applications and there are some things that should be put into proper perspective with the hopes that the residents in Area D are better informed.


Area D as a community has seen a 0.9% increase of new housing since 2016. This is according to the stats that are published in the public domain. As a community we are lagging well behind the growth of other jurisdictions both North and South of us.


As many residents are aware in the community “Available Housing” is in very short demand. Across the Province of BC “Available Housing” is in very short demand and as such the Province of BC is passing “Legislation” which will forceLocal Government” to allow secondary suites, carriage houses, in all new single family housing builds going forward.


For anyone following the news many “Local Governments here on Vancouver Island ” have already stepped up before this “Provincial Legislation” is adopted and are making changes to zoning and bylaws to allow greater density in all single family homes being built.


Secondary Suites


As the housing crisis continues across the province are there any “Homeowners” in the community who are interested in creating a secondary suite?


I would love to hear from you if there is interest.


Based on the history of this community there are not many secondary suites however if there is interest this is an opportunity to look at zoning and bylaws to ensure “Legal Suites” are permitted in a consistent manner across the community.


Water Meters


I have had people ask where are we at with Water Meters now that the community has received the appropriate funding for a Universal Water Program.


SRD staff have been working with the City of Campbell River water staff doing some preliminary work locating the various water service connections in the community. This work will help to refine the documents that will be put out for public tender so a suitable Contractor can be selected.


It is anticipated that the project will start in the first quarter of 2024.


Staff are also preparing a financial report to help the Board of Directors make a decision on whether those property owners who have already installed a ‘Water Meter” at their expense should they receive a rebate. I am expecting this report to be coming to the Board very soon. For those residents who have installed a Water Meter at their own expense and feel that they should receive a rebate I encourage you all to please send me an email. I will make sure those emails are part of the public record as they could be very helpful to convince the Board of Directors to make the right decision.


Contacting Me

Just to remind residents that I am available and accessible.


While some residents continue to try and reach me via Social Media the best way to contact me is to call or text 250-203-1598. Email also works

Directors Report August 2023


Area D Official Community Plan ( OCP) Update


Now that the OCP survey has ended I know residents are wondering what is the next step.


I highly recommend to all residents that they keep in touch with the SRD Website and in particular


Community Engagement dates will be announced soon and both myself and the SRD will make sure the community is well advised of those dates.


I cannot stress enough that this is the communities Official Community Plan and it does need a good cross section of the community to attend these public meetings when they are announced.


Meeting with Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure


Thank you to all the residents that took the time to send me a detailed email to voice their concerns.


All of those concerns were raised in the meeting and they did have an impact.


The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has an incredible amount of Bureaucratic Red tape so even incremental gains is a win.


On the positive side


1. There will be a Traffic Study that will involve SRD staff working with Ministry staff and there will be public engagement dates for the community. This study will be paid for by Provincial Money as it should be.


2. There are improvements coming for the Transit Service here in Area D. Four new bus shelters are coming this year and while they do have a cost of $120,000 the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will be providing funding of $99,000 towards that cost.


3. Improvements coming next year to the Bus Stops at Engles and Island Highway South and the Glenmore RD Exchange. Again those improvements are being paid for with Provincial Money.


4. There was a sincere acknowledgement that snow removal was not good last year and I do expect that this year will be much better.


I am also seeing a very large improvement in responding to the daily issues that do crop up and require timely responses from Ministry Staff.


Development In Area D


It is great to see three new development applications hit the Board over the last few months which is very encouraging as there is the potential for how many new housing starts in Area D to move forward next year.


Currently the SRD has issued Eight New Building Permits so far this year for Area D.


The statistics from the census profile for Area D are rather interesting and I encourage everyone who has the time to take a look at,2,3&STATISTIClist=1,4&HEADERlist=0


What stands out for me is


• 4.4% growth in population between 2016 to 2021 which is well below many other areas even in the Strathcona Regional District.


• .9% increase in new housing between 2016 and 2021


Tell me what you think about development in Area D. Are these good numbers or do you think improvements can be made? Send your thoughts to

Directors Report July 2023


New Advisory Panel Committee


Since “Day One” I have been committed to greater transparency.


For the first time in “Three Decades” Area D has a “New Advisory Panel Committee Bylaw” and a transparent process of advertising and selecting people for the “Advisory Panel Committee”.


No longer will the “Area Director” have any influence over the recommendations that come from this committee.


Thank you, to those that put their names forward for this important committee which is strictly voluntary.


It is not always easy to put your names forward and to volunteer your time.


Cedar Creek and Upper Campbell River Residents and BC hydro


Time goes fast and its been a decade since any advocating to BC Hydro has been done from the Area Director to possibly bring hydro to the residents of Cedar Creek and Upper Campbell River lake.


While this is still in the early stages SRD staff are looking into what possibilities exist if any that could finally bring hydro to this community.


Fire Smart Grant


The SRD was successful in obtaining a grant for Fire Smart services.


The SRD intends to hire a regional Wildfire Risk Coordinator that is fully funded by this grant.


Some of the key responsibilities this position will hold include:

  • Coordinating FireSmart and wildfire risk reduction public education.
  • Providing FireSmart recommendations to homeowners to reduce the wildfire hazards on their properties by conducting site visits upon request from the homeowner.


Housing Service


Earlier this year I brought a motion to the SRD Board asking staff to prepare a report on ways that the Strathcona Regional District could play a more active role in housing.


Before any meaningful reports and recommended actions could be brought to the Board there needs to be a service created just for housing.


To be honest - services almost always cost tax payers, however this service will strive to be cost neutral.


Even though good things can come from this service the“Three Electoral Directors from Area A, B, and C over the last two board meetings have done everything they can to derail the creation of this service.


Now that this service is in place Area D will be applying for the Housing Accelerator Grant

  • This Grant encourages initiatives that increase housing supply and promote the development of affordable, inclusive and diverse communities that are low-carbon and climate-resilient.
  • The Housing Accelerator Fund provides incentive funding to local governments encouraging initiatives aimed at increasing housing supply. It also supports the development of complete, low-carbon and climate-resilient communities that are affordable, inclusive, equitable and diverse


The Strathcona Regional District is also looking into the possibility of creating “Work Force Housing”.


This would be a cost neutral initiative if it was approved by the Board.


Work Force housing could play a key role in attracting

  • Young Families
  • level entry employee’s
  • Medical professionals in training
  • Skilled tradesman and apprentices


More to come over the next few months on this new service.

Directors Report June 2023


Strathcona Gardens Service


As many residents are aware only Area D and the City of Campbell River pay for the Strathcona Gardens Facility.


The other 3 Electoral Areas A, B and C do not pay into this service.


While the other three Electoral Areas argue that their use of the facility is rather limited and they do not feel that this facility really benefits them a meaningful way, they have also failed to recognize that the Strathcona Gardens does benefit the Strathcona Regional District as a whole and they should be supporting it.


I have asked staff to bring a report back to the Regional Board with options that might see the three Electoral Areas included in this service.


I think its time for all the Electoral Areas to support the Strathcona Gardens.


Public Meeting with the Residents of Cedar Creek and Strathcona Lodge


It was great to meet the residents and to hear their concerns and questions on how the Strathcona Regional District might be able to help residents achieve a greater peace of mind in regards to protecting their homes and cottages in the event of a fire.


It was also nice to hear that some residents are still very interested in having a Hydro hookup.


I am already working on a motion for the next Regional Board Meeting to get this process restarted.


Solid Waste Rate Roundtable in Campbell River


There was a full day spent in Campbell River with the Solid Waste Board.


For those that are not sure what this is it was a full day to talk about Garbage, Landfills, Recycling and how much we all pay on taxes for this service.


I know in Area D we all pay for our own garbage service, but we also pay on our taxes.


The money collected on our taxes is used to manage the landfills and the recycling facilities and the list goes on.


The important take is that over the last few years the tax requisitions for this service have continue to increase, which also means that homeowners are subsidizing companies that pickup your garbage.


The Solid Waste Board did decide that tax requisition will be reduced for 2023 and 2024, and that the tipping fees that are charged to all the garbage companies will be increased for 2024.


It will be interesting to see how this change will affect taxes for next year.


North Island 911


The meeting this month was held at the Campbell River Fire Department so all the new board members could visit the 911 call centre and the fully operational backup centre on Dogwood.


I am not sure if folks are aware but the Campbell River 911 call out centre does manage considerable dispatch calls to various fire departments in the province and Vancouver Island.


It is remarkable how far technology is coming and the new roles that will play in 2025 when the 911 service rolls out its enhanced 911 service.


Connected Coast


The connected coast project is quickly reaching new milestones.


With an eminent agreement to be announced very soon with the Vancouver Internet Exchange connected Coast and Baylink will very soon be able to light the fibre up for Sayward, Gold River, Cortes, Quadra and other communities along the inside passage.


Lighting the fibre up just means that all that new fibre that has been installed will soon be connected to the internet.


Pubic Hearing July 12th Urban Containment Boundary Extension


As some are aware there is a proposal submitted to the City of Campbell River requesting an extension of the Urban Containment Boundary to allow a City of Campbell River development adjacent to Finch Rd in area d.


When this motion was presented to the Strathcona Regional Board there was information that was included with the motion that was not accurate nor relevant to the actual Urban Containment Boundary Extension proposal and that has created considerable confusion in the community.


I would highly suggest that for those who are interested in this that it would be in their best interests to attend this hearing which will be at the Sportplex July 12th from 7:00 pm to 9:00.


Public Hearing July 19th at Oyster Bay Resort


Just letting folks know that Area D will be having its first public hearing to obtain public feedback and or concerns on the proposed York Rd and Chantrelle Way OCP change request. More details on this will be coming out soon but I will mention that this OCP request is supported by our 27 year old OCP and the previous Director did deny this request how many years ago.


Rate Review for the Black Creek Oyster Bay Water Service


For those that are connected to this water system ( all the folks south of the Driftwood Restaurant) there is a rate review coming out.


Details of when this review is happening should be with your July billing.


This is an opportunity to provide me with any concerns or feedback that you would like both myself and the SRD to bring forward in this rate review. It is also worth mentioning that the water infrastructure is quickly approaching its end of life and significant upgrades are expected to start in 2030.


And finally my Alternate Terry Brown will be doing the board meetings on July 19th 2023.

Directors Report May 2023

May was a short month as many Directors were away to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) 2023 Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario. While Toronto is quite the city the contrast to living on the West Coast is quite eye opening. Our green spaces and our parks which many take for granted are so nice when compared to other cities like Toronto.


Social Media

Many people continue to use Social Media to contact me and or to ask me questions.

As a public official I have a duty to maintain all my communications in the event of a Freedom of Information Request.

I encourage everyone who wishes to contact me to either call me on my cell or drop me an email.


City of Campbell River Urban Boundary Extension

As many folks are now aware in the Community the Strathcona Regional District at its last Regional Board Meeting on May 11th 2023 did vote in favour of this extension.

This area has always been the City of Campbell River and they have every right to eventually build in this area.

I know there are substantial concerns in the Community, but I would also like to point out to all concerned residents that there will be plenty of opportunity for public engagement.

I have contacted the City of Campbell Rivers planning department to better understand the process.

There will be 2 OCP changes that will be needed before this development moves forward so that does mean there will be 2 public hearings.

As these public hearings are held in the City of Campbell River it will be the City of Campbell River Council and Mayor that will decide what is the outcome of each of those hearings.

As I am able to determine public hearing dates I will be doing a direct mail out via Canada Post to inform all those residents that are not in the immediate area of Finch Rd of those public hearing dates. Public hearings are your opportunity to voice your concerns.

The City of Campbell River has every right to build new homes within its boundaries and that needs to be respected. Already on Social Media there is misinformation which is not helpful. It is rather disturbing when uninformed people use social media to make uninformed remarks and comments. That said, this could also be the opportunity to get things for Area D.

I encourage all residents who have concerns to please contact me. Email or a phone call !

I am even happy to arrange meetings or group meetings.


Fire Service Agreement Renewal with the City of Campbell River

The current Fire Service Agreement with the City of Campbell River was signed in late 1979 and it has had no updates or further input from the Area Director since that date.

Hard to believe that the previous Director whose career which spanned more than 27 years was not on top of this crucial and very important Service Agreement that affects how many households in the Community.

As this agreement is very old and lacks clarity in some sections it is time to resume talks on this service agreement. This will provide the opportunity for Area D Residents to contact me and voice their concerns so that they can be properly articulated in future Board Meetings.

I encourage all residents who have concerns regarding this service to please contact me via email.


Official Community Plan (OCP)

Over the next 2 months staff will be updating the 2017 Draft OCP and I am expecting some dates for public engagement.

I encourage all Area D residents to participate in the public engagement dates as this will be your opportunity to ensure your thoughts and desires are captured in the Official Community Plan.


Opening Up York Rd to the Inland Hwy

For those that might be familiar with this I have been informed by our MLA that there could be the possibility of opening York Rd to the Inland Hwy via Cranberry Lane.

Possible positive outcomes could be:

1. Improved snow plowing

2. Upgraded road similar to Hamm Rd

3. Better maintained road

4. Possibility or more traffic being routed to the Inland Hwy instead of Highway 19A

5. Better intersection at York Rd and Highway 19A

I would be very interested to hear from folks on what they think about this possibility. Please send me email with your thoughts.


Universal Water Meters for the Northern Water System

The grant initiated by the previous Director back in 2021 was denied by the province in March of this year.

As I realize that water meters will play a critical role in controlling water costs for many the SRD CAO and our MLA have been working hard to ensure that Area D will obtain a grant for Universal Water Meters.

I am expecting a positive announcement will be coming soon.

Directors Report for April 2023

Time fly's and with six months gone by these are the things that are happening in our community.

I would also like to mention that if you would like your Director to bring something to the Board for consideration please call me or email with the details.

Bylaw Amendments

  1. Finally Area D can have up to four egg laying chickens or ducks on properties less than one acre. I believe that we were one of the last communities on Vancouver Island where residents were not permitted to have chickens or ducks on small lots. “AND FOR THE RECORD “ I only received one email asking to not make this bylaw amendment or at the very least ban ducks on small lots.
  2. Farm Building improvements and construction of farm buildings on ALR lands no longer need a building permit. This puts Area D in the same position as the CVRD Area C as it should be. I have no idea why our farmers have had extra red tape for the last how many years.
  3. Building Height bylaw has been amended to be the same as other neighbouring jurisdictions. the specifics are General Regulations section to increase the permitted maximum height of principal buildings to 10.0 metres (32.8 feet) and that of accessory buildings to 7.0 metres (23 feet). The prohibition on two-storey accessory buildings will also be removed.
  4. Minimum lot size bylaw has been amended to remove the restrictions of 2 and 5 acres.
  5. Area D has a new Advisory Panel Committee bylaw (APC) that will ensure going forward all committee members will be selected via a public invitation looking for interested parties and the Area Director will not play a role in the selection process or play a role in any of the recommendations that will come from this committee.

Whats Coming?

  1. All of the Capitol Parks projects even those that have been waiting for years have “Budget for 2023” YES ALL OF THEM. Enough time wasted ! As some have commented on it is nice to see work happening.
  2. Budget has been forwarded to the aging water system finally. With four major breaks in a matter of a few weeks it is only more apparent how much the water system should have been a priority over the years.
  3. With Strathcona Gardens new swimming pool complex and building upgrades approved there was the formality that the Board needed to approve borrowing 64 million. This will allow this project to get started next year. For those that have been following this over the years the Strathcona Regional District has not been successful for how many years in trying to obtain grants to offset building costs.
  4. While the SRD is looking at grants for 4 new bus shelters in 2023 I have been assured that Area D that the transit service will see some improvements for 2023 and I do expect some shelters will be purchased. Time to make transit a priority!
  5. Oyster Bay development of new lots. Not many details yet but this is moving forward after the public hearing success last year. More details to follow.

Staff Reports to come to the Board

  1. Report to outline the process and the costs of completing a traffic study for Area D
  2. Report outlining the OCP update process for Area D
  3. Potential of a Fire Service for the residents on the Gold River Hwy
  4. Cold weather response for Homelessness
  5. Regional Housing Strategy
  6. Land Swap for Road Closure Shelter Point Farms

Round Tables

BCOB Water System – there is a planned round table this summer that will look at the rates for this service and potential ways to improve the service. If any resident has concerns and would like to ensure that they are brought forward in this round table please contact me.

Comox Valley Strathcona Solid Waste – there is a planned round table for this summer to discuss rates and services. As far as Area D is concerned I will be bringing forward concerns on the lack of recycling, lack of public engagement when new services are being offered, the cost of the service to the Strathcona Regional District as a whole, and the fact that most of the services are south of the Oyster River. Again if any resident has a particular concern please contact me.

First Nations Update

Work is proceeding with Nenagwas. As some are well aware considerable land has been cleared, lots of heavy truck in the community, work being completed on Henry Rd for the outfall pipe to name a few.

For those that expressed concerns over the trucks and concerns that they are speeding I did get a very good response from Wacor and their drivers have been instructed to slow down and to be mindful of safety.

This year I am told that the focus will be preparing the village with sites for the future homes, landscaping, paving entrance ways and that next year they should be in a position to start purchasing manufactured homes.

I know that Area residents expressed concern since mid Dec 2022 with regards to the sediment that was flowing in our creeks and ditches during those periods of heavy ran. I have been assured by the Tlowitsis that this will not happen again, and they have re- engineered some of there work to alleviate concerns from Area residents.

I have been asked about the water towers up York Rd and what are they for. At some point Nenagwas will be the home for 500 people and eventually they will be looking to build a firehall to not only serve Nenagwas but to hopefully also help service Area D.

Directors Report March 2023


March has been a busy month with meetings with our MLA, meetings with our MP and of course finalizing details with this years 2023 budget and tax implications for Area D residents.


Meeting with MLA


Productive meeting with focus on the following key items

  • Water Meter Grant for those on the Northern Water System
  • MoT and Main Road and snow removal problems
  • MoT and Main road prioritize road resurfacing and consult more with the community
  • MoT and Main road cleaning up area ditches and replace culverts as needed
  • Discussed the need for speed controls in Area D such as around parks
  • Traffic issues at Crawford Rd and 19A
  • Promoting active transportation in Area D


2023 Area D Budget


As some are most likely aware this year there is an average increase in taxes of approximately $300 per household.

With this tax increase the following initiatives and projects will be realized

1. Strathcona Gardens new swimming pool complex and significant building updates will be moving forward. This $73 million project is very welcome after the years of delay from the previous area Director and City of Campbell River Council. This project will be providing a number of local well paying jobs to boot.

2. All of the area D community parks projects now have the appropriate budget to proceed.

Those projects are

I. Parks Master Planning

II. Hagel Park Greenway North and Storie Creek Trail

III. Hagel Park Drainage problems

IV. Salmon Point Trail Head Development V. Storie Creek New Bridge

VI. Oyster River Nature Park trail and Signage upgrade

VII. Hagel Park Public Washroom

VIII. Mittlenatch Park and furniture

3. Suitable budget was approved for Area D to update the Official Community Plan (OCP) and start tackling zoning changes.

4. $75,000 has been budgeted for a comprehensive traffic study.

5. Gas tax money has been moved to support the Northern Area D water infrastructure upgrades. In the past few weeks alone there have been how many problems with the aging water infrstructure.

6. Should the grant application to the province for bus shelters fail as the last application did area D does have some funding to start purchases. A single bus shelter for the most basic shelter is over $27,000.


Update for Ongoing Motions


Please check out

as there has been progress on existing motions and there are a few more in the works.


BC Transit


How happy are folks with BC Transit bus service in Area D?

I have requested a review of this service schedules and I would love to hear from those that are using the bus service.

I am also keen to learn how many people use the bus stop located at Engels Rd and are heading North into Campbell River. I am looking at whether this bus stop can be improved to accommodate a future bus shelter so it would be nice to know how much this bus stop is used.

Please contact me with all your concerns regarding the transit service. Email me

One of the first items that I did tackle last year as soon as I was sworn in was the lack of bus shelters in Area D. The first grant application for bus shelters was not successful. SRD staff have applied for a provincial grant which I am hoping will be successful and will provide Area D with enough funds to purchase 4 bus shelters. Over the next few months the SRD should know if this grant application will be successful. If this grant application is not successful there is some budget to start purchasing bus shelters 2023.


North Island 911


How many think about the 911 service?

For many we only think about it when we need it.

The Campbell River Fire Department provides 911 services to a large portion of BC. Supported by North Island Communications the North Island 911 service has been busy updating equipment, and providing much need redundancy to its systems. While the yearly operating budgets continue to increase for the Strathcona Regional District there is no question how valuable this service is to the entire North Island.

As part of a Federal Government Initiative 911 services are moving towards Enhanced 911 services that will see many improvements to the system. Currently the North Island 911 service is on track to see these new enhanced services to begin in late 2025. It is very exciting to see the City of Campbell River as the hub for 911 services for the North Island and to be able to service a large portion of BC.


BC Hydro and the Campbell River Watershed


Just a reminder to the folks that are connected to the Northern Area D Water Service provided by the the City of Campbell River that this water service continues to encounter challenges with changing weather patterns that continue to put a strain on water management. I encourage every to think about water conservation all year round as our water sheds are still recovering from last years drought that continued into Dec 2022.


Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Updates


I know there is a lot of interest to get going with the Official Community Plan ( OCP ) much needed update and the desire to tackle zoning changes and I have been asked whats the hold up getting going. I can insure everyone in Area D that Official Community Plan Updates are a priority and now that budget has been approved for 2023 I do expect that over next several months there will be progress on this very important plan that will satisfy all those in the community. My understanding is that staff will be preparing a report which will be brought to the board which will outline the update process that some of the Electoral Directors are requesting.


Contacting the Director


If you have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss with me please call me @ 250.203.1598 or send a detailed email to

Director Report Feb 2023


Thank you for the emails and inquires from all the residents in Area D.

It is important when you have concerns to reach out to me as often as needed.

Many have asked where certain issues are at and those are fair questions.

However please keep in mind that most items need to start with a motion to the Electoral Committee (EASC) first for deliberation and from there it might need further information from SRD staff before proceeding to the Regional Board Meeting for a final vote. The EASC committee only meets once a month and so far this year there have only been two meetings.

In an effort to keep all those in the community informed on the progress for all issues brought to the board please see

In addition to progress in board meetings I have also created a news page on my website. Check here often as this will be the place to find out current news in the community.


Other News


I have managed to secure a meeting with our MLA later this month. I have a long list of items that will be discussed at this meeting and I will have a future update after the meeting.

Budgets are still progressing. Again to early to provide further comments at this time on how this years budget will affect our taxes.

OCP Planning and Zoning and Bylaws – many are asking where is this at. After budgets are completed SRD staff will be working with all the Area Directors to develop their plans. Staff are aware this is a considerable priority. I hope to have further information in March on this.


Directors Report Jan 2023

The best to all for 2023.

Much has happened thru Dec 2022 and into 2023.

All of the New Electoral Directors have now sat in the Inaugural meetings for both Solid Waste and Hospital Board Meetings and while we are all still coming up to speed with the issues I have to say that the response from other members on these boards has been very positive.  Many existing members are looking at the new directors and council members for new energy and ideas for these important assignments.

Other Boards, Commissions, and groups that I will be sitting on are

BCOB water  and fire service
BC Hydro Group
Connected Coast Commission
911 Commission
VIRL Trustee
Strathcona Gardens Commission

I have started the following initiatives for 2023 that SRD staff are looking into

  1. Looking at creating a Fire Service for the residents that live on the Gold River and Strathcona Lodge Area. The purpose of this service will be to acquire equipment such as a tanker truck, and other gear as needed to help residents protect their homes and the community when a fire event occurs. More details on this service will be coming at a later date.
  2. Cold Weather response for homeless in Area D. This is still in the very early stages, but it is time for Area D to have an appropriate response in place. Being homeless is not a “Crime” and have a well-thought response in place is fitting for any community.
  3. Bus Shelters for Area D. I am looking to get four bus shelters for Area D. These shelters do come at a cost of $26,000 ea and I am looking to have them placed on the waterside of Highway 19A. While there are grants for bus shelters Area D does share its transit service with the City of Campbell River and grant opportunities are very limited. I am working hard with SRD staff to ensure that Area D is in a position to purchase bus shelters should the grant not be approved. It is expected that the SRD will know in Feb 2023 if this grant will be approved.
  4. New concrete pad and bus pullout for the water side bus stop located at Engles Rd. This will allow a Bus Shelter to be installed in the near future.
  5. Ditch Service for Area D. This is still in the very early stages, but it is time for Area D to have a Ditch Service that can address the deficiencies from the Province and Mainroad. This initiative was brought about due to the “Flooding Events” on Henry Rd. Still, lots of details to work out and to ensure that this service has adequate budget without “Raising Taxes”. Further information will be coming at a later date.
  6. Public Access Permit for the right of way access that is located on Crawford Rd and connects to Ocean Groove School. This would allow the SRD more control over this very popular right of way access and to allow this popular short cut to Ocean Groove School safer for the public as it was never intended to be used for public access.
  7. Staff are preparing a report for the EASC Committee ( the four Electoral Directors ) that will outline a new transparent method of selecting Electoral Area D Advisory Planning Commission members.  I will have more information on this at a later date.

Recent EASC Board Decisions

In the Inaugural EASC committee meeting on Jan 11, 2023, Director Whalley from Electoral Area A was voted as Chair, and Director Vonesch from Electoral Area C was voted as Vice Chair.  Director Whalley with his years of experience will be valuable in helping the new Directors navigate their new roles in local government.

With a focus on Area D there was three Development Variance Permits to consider which were all approved, one development permit which was approved, and one rezoning application that was approved. The staff reports that were included with each of these items did indicate that there was no reason for not approving these items.

Water Meter Grant

There has still been no response from the Province on the “Water Meter Grant” for those on the Northern Water System.

Budget Discussions

Budget Meetings will continue through the month of Jan and into Feb.  While it is still too early to make any formal announcements, I am confident that the community will appreciate this first budget and perhaps one that represents a new vision for Area D.

Strathcona Gardens Committee

The Inaugural Meeting was held on Jan 11 2023 and it was decided that Commissioner Sinnott would be chair and the Area D Director would be vice chair.

There was a presentation for the “New Swimming Pool” that has been in the works for the past few years. This new pool if approved will come at an approx. cost of $53 million with less than a third being covered in a possible grant at this time. For those that are not aware the existing pool is leaking and is reaching its end of life.

I respect that very little information has been filtered to Area D residents over the years regarding Strathcona Gardens and I also recognize that for many they are most likely in the dark as to what has been happening with the Strathcona Garden.  There are other upgrades that are in the works for this facility and of course the all important budget meetings will be happening later this month. Expect more information in Feb 2023 regarding the Strathcona Gardens.

BCOB Water System

For those that are on the southern water system a new well has been dug on “Shelter Point Farms”. This new well will be coming online later this year and it is expected that new water connections will be available in Sept 2023. This new well should service the BCOB  Water System quite well.

With high expectations I have already discussed in very “High Level Terms” that Area D will be looking to expand the water service in the future.

Over the coming months I will have more to say on this new addition to the BCOB water system.

Directors Report Dec 12th 2022

As budget meetings are just starting to happen, I would have to say that it is disappointing to learn in the first meeting that some cash reserves for some services have been depleted for this election cycle. Looking at historical financial data it was easy to see that this trend has been happening for many years. Moving cash reserves (which is money raised from taxes in previous years) to help pay for services that should be paid for from new incoming tax money does not make any financial sense for the community. I hope everyone can see that this is not a tax break or even an effort at keeping taxes low.

I will have more updates on Budgets in the new year.

It was great to see the Oyster River Fire Department out on Sat Dec 10th fund raising over at Discovery Foods. Thank you to all those in the community that supported this fund-raising event and thank you to the Fire Chief and staff that made this possible.

One of the tasks that all Directors need to complete shortly after taking office is to name an Alternate Director. I am very happy to announce that Terry Browne has agreed to be my Alternate Director. Terry is well known in the community, and is very like-minded on all the critical issues here in Area D. I am very confident that Terry will represent Area D with integrity when needed. Thank you Terry for saying yes!

With the holidays quickly coming I do wish to remind people that while Area D does have several popular walking trails including those that are used by dog owners all these trails both private and public do have some general common-sense rules that the public does need to follow. Popular walking trails such as the waterfront trail at Shelter Point Farms is a privately owned trail that the owners of Shelter Point Farm keep open for the public to enjoy. While this is a popular trail for off leash dogs, please keep in mind that all off leash dogs must be always in control of their owners. Let’s all use some common sense as this will ensure that privately owned trails such as this one will remain open for all to enjoy.

If you have concerns or questions please contact me by email or call me 250-203-1598. Have a Happy and Safe Holiday

Disclaimer Notice

Any views expressed on this website are those of the director and do not necessarily reflect those of the corporation or the full board of directors