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Getting Things Done

There is always the perception that a phone call, or an email will produce instant results. Unfortunately that is not often the case.

When dealing with issues that are outside of the jurisdiction of the Area Director often it involves working with other levels of Government. Each Provincial Ministry has its own level of

bureaucracy and even the simplest of requests can involve months of effort from me. That said, I am always happy to advocate on behalf of Area D with other levels of Government on any

issue that is important to the community.

When there is an issue that I can address at the local Board level again I am not always able to get quick results.The process for getting things done at the local level is

  1. Add a motion to the agenda for the next EASC Meeting. This board only meets once per month.
  2. If the motion is carried this means it is recommended to be put on the next agenda for the Regional Board Meeting.
  3. If that agenda item carries then staff can do their work and then bring the item back to the EASC Board for further consideration. If it all good it then goes to the Regional Board for final diberation and vote.

The bottom line is even simple things could take a few months to get passed.





Do You have an Item that you would like to have discussed at a Board Meeting?

Email me or call me and I am happy to discuss your concerns. Where needed I will create a Directors Report and the required motions and present that report to the Board.