John For Area D

John at Ocean Front


My Priorities

Let’s get busy doing the things that should have been done for the last Three Decades!

  1. Let’s bring professionalism to each and every board meeting.
  2. It is time to move to a Free Universal Water Program for those on the Northern Water System. All indications are Water Meters can save 25% per year or more on Bulk Water Costs. With the average Bulk Water charge of a million dollars per year, even a 25% savings is huge.
  3. It is time to get proactive with the aging water infrastructure and lay out some realistic replacement goals and identify possible grant opportunities for the required upgrades that have been waiting now for the last decade. Enough years have been wasted while costs of replacement keep increasing.
  4. For those that are on the Black Creek Oyster River water system I know there are issues with that system. There are alternative water sources that can be explored right here in Area D.
  5. It is time to update the 1996 Official Community Plan (OCP) as this document no longer represents the vision and desire that a majority of residents have. That would also provide an ideal opportunity to review existing zoning and ensure they are consistent with the new desires and vision of the community.
  6. It is time to develop a relationship with the First Nations Village that is being built here in Area D. I have already had meetings with the Tlowitsis Nation and there are certainly opportunities that can be explored that will benefit the community.
  7. Its time to pick up the discussion around septic, sewers, and wastewater management. Ignoring the problems for years does not mean they are gone.
  8. There are bylaws that do not make sense, and at times there is too much red tape or requirements that end up adding additional unexpected costs to complete renovations or to add simple structures to our properties. It’s time to have a fresh set of eyes on those bylaws to ensure they contain the right balance without additional hurdles.
  9. Its time for local government to have an action plan around the lack of housing. The housing Needs Report that was presented to both the Electoral  Directors and the Regional Directors in June of this year did indicate that based on the historical data of the last decade Area D is not well positioned to address this problem.
  10. The main transportation corridor in our community is becoming a concern. Just look at Crawford Rd and the highway junction as one example. I am well aware there are no quick fixes, but it does require dedication of effort.

While my list of priorities looks short I can assure you all that I have been listening to all the concerns to those that have spoken to me. There is plenty to do and I am up to that challenge.

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